1) I currently work full-time. Is this something that I can work around my schedule?

Absolutely! There's no need to have to quit your job to do this business. Most people start out doing it part-time. But, once you see how lucrative this business is, you'll probably want to quit your job and pursue this full-time and when we say full-time....we mean making a full-time income working part-time hours.

2) How come you're offering such a comprehensive program for such a small price?

We understand that most people cannot afford to invest up to 100K in a franchise and the inconvenience and still somewhat hefty fees of attending a boot-camp is out of reach of others. My husband has created programs in other industries and knows how to make things easy to follow, what's needed for success and has over 30 years of marketing experience.

So, don't think that you're not getting everything you need. With our program you will be able to handle any competition in your area with ease. Don't be surprised if you're having to turn people away from your classes because of filling them so quickly.

We wanted to create a program that anyone could afford and anyone could implement and be very successful.

The "Paint Party Profits" program is unlike any other program out there. It's easy to follow, simple to implement and the unique strategies and marketing ideas will have you reaching success very quickly.

3) Is this a good business for men as well?

Of course! Gender has nothing to do with it. Men and women are equally successful at this.

4) Will I get support if I need it?

This is something we take great pride in. Normally with any business opportunity priced this low you wouldn't get much support. You might could add some type of support for an additional fee.

We give you unlimited, lifetime personal, one-on-one support so you will never be alone when it comes to getting your business started, growing and expanding. You get this personal support at no extra charge. We include it with every course purchase.

We want EVERYONE to succeed so we want to be there whenever you need us. We are building a community and our goal is to help each and every person who invests in our program, to become successful and live a life free of financial worries.

5) How much can I make doing a party?

We need to start off with this disclaimer: We are not making income guarantees, since we don't know the work ethic or dedication of those ordering our program.

But, here is a general idea of the income potential:

Regular Paint Party Using The Example Of $35 Per Person (this could be more or less depending on your area):

  • 20 signups at $35 = $700   (that's $350 per hour based on a two hour party)
  • 25 signups at $35 = $875   (that's $437.50 per hour based on a two hour party)
  • 30 signups at $35 = $1,050   (that's $525 per hour based on a two hour party)

Kids Birthday Paint Party Using The Example Of $20 Per Child - With A Minimum Of 10 Kids (this could be more or less depending on your area, but again we generally wouldn't go less):

  • 10-kids at $20 = $200   (that's $100 per hour based on a two hour party)
  • 15-kids at $20 = $300   (that's $150 per hour based on a two hour party)
  • 20-kids at $20 = $400   (that's $200 per hour based on a two hour party)

6) How am I going to learn?

You will receive online access to the program that includes our proprietary Action Guides.

You will be given access to our password protected area of the website where you will be able to watch training videos, listen to training audios and get the newest updates.

Each action guide and video is filled with easy step-by-step instructions and training.

Our goal is to make your learning experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

7) Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

YES!!! We offer a 30-day, money back satisfaction guarantee!

We are looking to help those looking for a change in finances and lifestyle and to achieve it as quickly as possible.

We have put a lot of time into preparing this training (two years) and putting everything we know into this one-of-a-kind program. If the steps are followed, success will not be difficult to achieve.

We want to attract those looking to change their financial situation and are ready to do something about it! We're looking for Action Takers....those that will get the program, follow the steps and get their first party booked quickly.

At the low price we're offering this for, you could get your entire investment back from doing just one party..

For those of you that are serious about starting a paint party business should seriously consider our program before investing up to 100K in a franchise.

Our program is less than 1% of the cost of starting a franchise and you get everything you need including forever support (both email and phone).

The bottom line is this: If you're not blown away with the program and the support, let us know.

We know that when you buy a franchise you won't get a money back guarantee and we know that if you hire a consultant and/or attend a week long boot-camp, you won't get a money back guarantee.

Our philosophy is based on TRUST! We are sincere in our quest to help others achieve financial success, time freedom and to help them live the life of their dreams. We would like to avoid curiosity seekers and only have those that are serious about a life change to order.

By not offering a money back guarantee we could definitely avoid serial curiosity seekers which are those people that order the next shiny object, get it, look it over and ask for a refund without ever trying it. They do this all the time.

We also know that a few will actually get our program, ask for a refund and then use it to start their business.

But we sincerely believe that the majority of those ordering are serious about creating a better life for themselves and their families, which is why we offer a satisfaction guarantee.

Those that are serious, will go on to start very successful paint party businesses. They will thrive and create a lifestyle change.

8) Do you offer a way for me to network with others and share ideas with who have purchased the program?

We are currently working on that. We want to offer a private forum for our members only so you will be able to share ideas, get ideas, make new friends and ask questions of other members.

9) I still have questions. How can I contact you?

That's easy.

You can email us at:

We will be more than happy any questions that you have. In fact we encourage it! We want you to get all of your questions answered before ordering to make sure that our program is a good fit for you.